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Your loyalty points can be used as currency to get products & services for free or at discounted rates. You may have long faced the dilemma of wanting to redeem your loyalty points but not wanting to limit your redemption choices to a standard product catalogue. mPoint makes loyalty points easy to redeem on their own or in addition to payments from your debit or credit card. This means you can use mPoint at any store or service provider of your choice, be it your neighbourhood restaurant, a general store,  a fruit vendor or a cab driver.

As easy as 1 2 3

Generate an mPoint QR Code on your phone for the amount you wish to pay

Show this QR Code to the shopkeeper/cashier

He scans it on his phone using mPoint Business app

The money is instantly transferred into his bank account and your bill is paid.

How does mPoint help you save?

In so many ways.

Use reward points as money to get products for free or at a discount

Spend your points on something you need instead products from a small catalogue

Use mPoint when you are short of cash at stores – money can be transferred any time

Save time otherwise spent withdrawing cash

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