Don’t Bust The Budget! 8 Ways To Save On Shopping

When it comes to a monthly budget, most of our statuses would read “It’s complicated”. Whether its buying everyday essentials or those little online indulgences, shopping takes a significant toll on our monthly incomes.

But there are tricks that can help you cut costs – in fact, India’s evolving retail market is racing to bring its customers more value for their money in a bid to win their favour…and business.


Here’s advice on how to take advantage of these new retail trends, as well as some practical oldies you may need a refresher course in.


Dear (shopping) diary: If you’re left wondering where all the money went at the end of each month it’ll help to write down your spending from the 1st to the 31st to review what cuts you can make in the future.


Options, options, options: Break the habit of shopping at one familiar store; you could get a cheaper deal somewhere else. Check out other stores to compare prices and go online to check for offers around you – mPoint App can help!


Your bank card has offers too: Often Debit and Credit Cards have offers for certain purchases or stores. See what deals are available before swiping.


VFM through valueback: Some stores give you more valueback for your money (read extra Reward Points). For instance, swiping for bills at certain associated stores can earn you up to 5X redeemable Reward Points for every Rs.100 you spend.


Take your time: How often do you regret impulse purchases? If it’s not something you urgently need, give yourself some time to think about it’s worth and value to your life.


Check the reviews: Search the web, phone a friend, ask around – there’s no excuse for choosing poorly, especially if it’s expensive.


Make a plan: Don’t let grocery shopping be a haphazard affair that lands you dumping random things into your cart. Make a weekly shopping list for groceries, according to what needs replenishing at home and stick to it at the store.


Timing is everything: Shop weekly instead of daily – less time at the store equals buying less. Shopping at the start of the day is better than when you are tired – it makes it easier to focus and make prudent choices.

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