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Consumers want the easiest, most cost-effective way to shop. With mPoint you can offer them just that. mPoint lets customers pay through the app with their debit cards, credit cards and also with their accumulated bank loyalty points. There are collectively over Rs 400 crore in bank loyalty points in India. Customers can now redeem these points easily at your store, save on their bills and you get the benefit of providing them these perks. After all, people love deals and discounts on shopping.

mPoint allows customers to make cashless payments to you instantly. All you have to do is scan a QR Code on the customer’s phone using mPoint Business app on your phone. The full payment amount is immediately transferred into your bank account. If the customer has redeemed their loyalty points, he will gets the purchase for free or at a discounted rate but you will get the full payment.
Whether you are a small store owner, a service provider, or have chains of stores, you can easily use and manage multiple accounts on mPoint Business app.

Accept payments in 3 easy steps:

Download mPoint Business app from Google Play Store

Sign up & link your bank account

Scan the QR Code generated by customer on his phone

The payment is instantly transferred to your bank account.

What does mPoint Business app do for your business?

It allows customers to pay without the hassle of needing hard cash on them

It draws customers looking to redeem loyalty points for discounts on bills at your store

You acquire new customers at no extra cost

You make more sales and hence more profit

It’s a whole new revenue stream without any investment or installation

mPoint Business app is absolutely free and easy to use. mPoint is being promoted by 20 leading Indian banks which makes it robust and trustworthy, scaling up its scope to more than 80 crore customers

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Is my data secure with the mPoint Business app?

mPoint Business is owned by Loylty Rewardz Mngt. Pvt. Ltd., the only loyalty company with PCI-DSS certification. Please feel assured your data is safe with us. Kindly refer to privacy policy for more details.

How can I register my account details?

Go to mPoint Business option and select ‘With A/C no’. Enter the account number and the IFSC code to add your account where you want to receive payment from the customer.

How can I register using MMID details?

Go to mPoint Business option and select ‘With MMID’ option. Enter the registered mobile number and MMID to add your account where you want to receive payment from the customer.

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