Looking to escape that ever-so-present cash crunch? mPoint App is the answer. Whether you need a haircut at your regular salon, groceries from your neighbourhood store or medicines from a chemist, you can make payments by simply generating an mPoint QR Code using your debit/credit card or bank loyalty points. And yes, you just might have thousands of rupees in bank loyalty points which you can redeem using mPoint instead of spending money.

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mPoint payments are easy, safe, instant & pocket-friendly. Anyone with a smartphone can use the app to make payments. Payments are 100% safe & secure. The entire process of generating an mPoint QR Code and making a payment takes just  20 seconds. You have the option of paying by any bank’s debit or credit card, or pooling together points from several bank loyalty programs to make a payment

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What Our Users Have To Say

What is mPoint?

mPoint is a revolutionary new payment channel that allows you to accept payment by just scanning a customer’s QR (Quick Response) code. Customers would want to make payments for purchases using the loyalty points that they earn from various banks. Presently, customers in India have a total of Rs 400 crore worth of loyalty points lying idle and waiting to be redeemed.

What is mPoint QR code?

mPoint QR code is a type of a barcode that has the customer’s information required for the payment.

What do I need to accept payment with mPoint?

You need an Android smartphone with a data connection and the mPoint Business app, which you can download from Google Play Store. You also need to add your bank account details in the app to receive money.

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